Our Work

Here are several examples of the work we do.

Fitness Club «Grand Prix»

There are ordinary workouts and then there are «Grand Prix» workouts, so says this club’s clients, at the least.

Its elegant design in tandem with its sophisticated security system that is supplemented with a fully equipped swimming pool and spacious rooms for fitness, aerobics and yoga, the Fitness Club «Grand Prix» offers everything from tennis, squash, to martial arts and children's fitness programs.

Restaurant Fiji Lounge Bar

Fiji Lounge Bar is a new establishment located on Podil and offers a cozy terrace and fine dining on European and Asian cuisines, as well as a plethora of deliciously branded cocktails.

This restaurant’s versatility includes: business lunches, designer hookah Meduse, karaoke, and an unforgettable lounge atmosphere all for reasonable prices that surely won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent.

Travel Khersontschyna

“Travel Khersontschyna” is a website dedicated to the sanctuary lands and touristic pearls of the Kherson region. This site was created as part of Google Ukraine in support of the campaign “Digital Transformation of the Kherson Region.”

This website consists of numerous photos and videos, together with photospheres that were created by expert cartographers during “Map Camps” and that illustrate distinctly marked tourist itineraries available to you via Google Maps.

Gastronomy Ltd

Gastronomy Ltd is a professional service and brand providing extensive cooperation in kabarett and office segments in regard to premium products such as: coffee, tea and carbonated water.

The company’s professional network includes world renown brands such as: illy, La Cimbali, Bonomi, S. Pellegrino&Acqua Panna, Althaus, as well as extends its assistance to educational services.

Restaurant “Razhulyayevo”

The rural grill-restaurant “Razhulyayevo” located in a most-picturesque place on Stolychne Shosse Road, boasts a menu of dishes hailing from Europe, Ukraine and Georgia. All cuisines are cooked over an open wood fire or in a josper oven over grade-A charcoal.

The restaurant’s summer pergola is one of the many small abodes that scatter the property, as well as an “Uzbek House” along with a “Homestead”. All quarters are equipped with a cozy hall, children’s playroom and playground, along with a hotel and Russian bathhouse (‘banya’).

Buddha Bar Kyiv

We created a website for one of the best-rated lounge restaurants in Kyiv- Buddha Bar Kyiv is a luxurious and contemporary place that is part of an international chain of 16 restaurants located all over the world.

The restaurant’s uncanny service, mysterious Middle Eastern atmosphere, refined dishes and high level of perpetually positive energy are said to make any visit to the Buddha Bar comparable with a days’ worth of lounging at the spa.