If you are at the planning stage of opening your business on the Internet or perhaps you would like to convert your existing business to having an online platform, we are here to offer you an individual and complex approach to help you achieve your maximum results.

Web Design

Website Development

Effective information projection, intuitive navigation, a clean design, quality page-proofing, and fast delivery - these are the fundamental elements that we consistently apply and deliver to all websites created by Dev.Jam. If you want to sell your products and services online, we will help you to achieve your purposes and goals via a top-of-the-line and competitive website proudly owned by you.


The amount of cellular traffic grows exponentially in Ukraine and all around the world; every month, an even larger amount of users visit websites via their mobile devices. At Dev.Jam, we know all of the most important features of mobile websites and take them into account when creating and developing them from square one. A quality representation of your website on the mobile Internet will convert your website’s visitors into active customers, meanwhile increasing your company’s profit.


We develop our websites based on an effective content operation system cultivated by our expert Dev.Jam team (programming language PHP 5.3+ and a system of database operations MySQL). Our Content Management System (CMS) for your website entails installing and setting up your very own WordPress account, which is one of the most popular website operative systems in the world. Via WordPress, your website can be supported by you and us, the developer.

Digital Strategy

Technical Support

In order for your website to live and thrive along with your business, it requires quality technical support, regular new updates, fresh articles, pictures, competitive deals and ads. Our studio professionals are on the ready to take full responsibility of the administration of your website, so you won’t ever have to hire extra help. We do it all!

Social Media

The main content generated by your company should be originated from your website. We consider social media a tool that helps your potential audiences to spot your business online and fast, meanwhile interesting them in your unique product. We create, update and administer company pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

PPC Advertising‎

A correct advertisement campaign in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct will support promoting your website or landing page during the first few days after your website’s launch. This method is effective, fast and provides only necessary results.
When you order Pay Per Click advertising from us here at Dev.Jam, you will receive consistent advertisement campaign analytics and great bonuses.

Search Engine Optimization

We conduct extensive Search Engine Optimization tasks that are guaranteed to improve your website’s viewer visibility based on their search results in search engines. SEO includes working on your website’s structure and its pages, texts, content writing and editing, in conjunction with building an advanced internal link system. Our work will aid your website in becoming the top web address to appear on the first page of search results based on direct keywords.